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We survived the Zombie apocalypse ...

I kept Cole home from school today because he's had a headache and a stomachache for the past 3 days. I called Kaiser this morning and the advice nurse said that "it's what's going around". When I stopped and thought about it (and got over the initial "My poor boy is huuuurrrrting" phase) I realized that he has the same thing that Heather and I had in the beginning of January. Granted he seems to have a slightly milder case than the two of us but they're the same damn symptoms. Why did I have to call the advice nurse to figure that out? *face palm* I guess I just needed to reassurance that what he had wasn't terrible and it would go away soon. And I got that.

In other news ...
Book #12 - World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War by Max Brooks - From a writing standpoint this book is pretty amazing. There are no main characters. The scenes jump around to every part of the world and incorporate traditions and military slang from each of the different countries. If I hadn't been intrigued by neversince's Goodreads comment, I probably would have passed this one up. Yet, it's fascinating. It's written as a series of interviews with various people who survived the Zombie War and I could barely put it down. I think that the fact that there's no real plot and no single main character (excluding the interviewer who prefaces each vignette with information on who he's interviewing, but who, as he puts it in the foreword, "tried to maintain as invisible a presence as possible") made it feel as if the book wasn't going anywhere. Hence I felt like I was going to be reading it forever. As I started to get to the end of it I could definitely see how the book had been laying out a time line of the war. From the early days when the governments were doing their best to cover it up to the first failed US, large-scale military attack against the zombies to the 3 year sweep from one ocean to the other to wipe out the zombie horde in the US. Honestly, it shouldn't have worked as well as it did, but some of those stories were pretty haunting and they kinda cling to your brain.

Also, I think everyone should have a Zombie Survival Kit in their possession. It's kinda like an earthquake preparedness kit but with more chopping implements. *nods*

Yes, I read too much.

And now I'm done.

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I am still on my first two books and I probably will be on my first two books for quite a while.
However, after reading your entries; I have put World War Z on my wishlist at amazon.com. I don't care about zombies as a literary device; but the book sounds so fascinating, despite that fact it is about those pesky undead-americans walking about the Earth - in addition to other undead nationalities, of course.

I must admit that it was a very, very good book. And trust me on this, I read freakishly fast. It embarrasses me sometimes.

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