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Stock-Books-Stack of books


Professor of Smurfology ...

Obtainer of rare smurftiquities ...

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SotD-Zombies are Love-big

I can shoot people with arrows!

Is it wrong that I bought the soundtrack for Resident Evil: Extinction because I really, really wanted the White Rabbit remix by Collide that plays over the end credits and I couldn't get it anywhere by itself? You know, it's a done deal so don't answer that.

Cole was doing his reading homework for the evening and part of it was to draw a picture of his favorite scene and tell why it was his favorite. He drew a picture of a blacksmith and wrote that it's his favorite because he likes blacksmiths. Ha! What sort of kid likes blacksmiths? My type of kid!

I started a new book about vampires. Awesome. I think I'll get back to that now.