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DW-Rose-Her smile could light up the wor

Where the eyes see too deep ...

I just watched Friday Night Lights and Tim Riggins just gets prettier and prettier every time I see him. I think I'm going to watch The Covenant once I'm done journaling just to get a little more Kitsch time. Word.

Some time before Christmas I told my mom that I really, really needed to buy a new bookcase. She asked me if I could wait until Heather moved out. At the time I could wait. Now? I can't. I told my mom that I had rearranged as much as humanly possible and I still didn't have enough room for all my books and movies. Woe! I must buy a new bookcase.

I also think I'm going to try to pop into Best Buy tomorrow and buy Lost season 3. If it's on sale. :)

And that it all.

ETA: Book #9 - Anita Blake Vampire Hunter: Guilty Pleasures, volume 1 by Laurell K. Hamilton - This is the comic adaptation of LKH's 1st Anita Blake book. Ye, gods! It's pretty. This takes issues 1-6 and puts them together in a gorgeous hardcover book with all the variant covers and other random pretties. It's kinda making me want to go back and re-read the original novel. Cool.