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Congratulations, Hero!

My throat feels like it's lined with little, bitty pieces of glass. I do not enjoy that. However, it's made slightly better by the fact that I have tomorrow off. I plan on sleeping, reading and watching Jason Bourne. I just might throw some season 2 Doctor Who in there as well.

In other news, Cole's been wiping the floor with ... huh. That doesn't quite work. Let's try again. Cole's been playing much Wii and he is doing an awesome job at Zelda. We did have to call upon the powers of malkovich03 to help us through a harrowing section, but we did it! WE DID IT!

Did I mention that I took medicine today for this disgusting cold-thing I have? Yeah, now I remember why I rarely medicate. I get all fuzzy and start dazing out in the middle of people talking to me. I told one of my tellers to do something and 20 minutes later I was asking her why the hell she was doing that. She looked all confused when she told me that I had just told her to do it. Yeah, Kelly and medication don't mix. It doesn't matter what type. It doesn't matter how much. I really shouldn't take anything while at work.

Also, my complete lack of concentration led to me reading a grand total of 6 pages today. I finally gave up and settled for watching Stardust instead. You know, I like that movie. Even though Claire Danes has a fake British accent. I know! It's true, though.

I'm all over the place here. I'll go now. But first, blabapalooza has a new review. Yay!