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Stock-Books-Stack of books

Too big.

Things I did today. Perhaps in order. perhaps not.

The power went out at the bank for a few seconds at 8:15 this morning. That means I had the fun, fun task of rebooting all the computers before everybody else got in. Whatever. I've done it before. Cut to 8:57 when the power goes out again for a few seconds. FUCK! Now I have to reboot everything again and the computers won't be up by the time we open at 9. We had just got everything running when *boom* the power goes out for good. Well, for a good three hours. My manager bails to go to a job interview in San Francisco and I'm the senior manager left in the bank. It's pouring outside. The wind is awesomely destructive. And I'm the only manager. I get the ball rolling on what we need to do to stay open (FYI, banks don't leave their doors unlocked when there's no power. Why? Because no power means no alarms which means the bad guys come out and try to steal from me. BAD!) and call about a million people to let them know what's going on.

Our power came on for good around noon, by which time I'd ordered pizza in for all the employees and sent some of my little minions for the big carafes of coffee from Starbucks.

By 4:00 I was EXHAUSTED. Mentally ready to take a nap. So I left at 4:45 after telling my manager (who wandered back in at 3:30) that I was tired and going home. Home? The power's out and no one's there since they decided to head up to my grandma's for the night (Cole's actually at his dad's ... which reminds me of another story). I got a fire going in the fireplace (no power means no heater), ordered a massive amount of Chinese food for myself, and on my way back from picking it up realized that all the power was back on. Needless to say, my lazy vision of myself curling up in front of the fire with a book and egg rolls fell by the wayside. Yes, the fam came home.

My fire was pretty awesome, though.

The Cole story? He called me completely HYSTERICAL while I was at work because the power went out at his dad's house and then a branch broke off a tree and fell on his dad's truck and he was petrified that the entire tree was going to fall on the house. Poor kid. My mom picked him up from his dad's and they built a fire in the fireplace and read for the bulk of the day. Cole was really, really freaked out about the tree. Really freaked out. It made me feel badly that I couldn't be there with him. :( He's better now, though. Yay! :)

I think I've said everything. Plus, I want to get back to my book.
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right after i moved into my apartment on 11th, i heard a big crash and, like, scraping metal one morning while i was doing my hair. i didn't think much of it at the time. later i went outside and saw that a huge tree outside my house fell over and landed on two parked cars and a car that was driving by and totaled them all. thats how big the fucking tree was. luckily the tree landed on the back of the car driving by cause if it would have landed on the front, that person would be dead. it flattened those cars.

that sounds like fun! fun in the utterly mentally draining sense, but fun none the less.

and ooo cosy fire and chinese? sounds perfect. or it would have been.

Yeah, it would have been. But I still managed to read for several hours without anybody bothering me so it worked out in the end.

(Deleted comment)
Hey! That sounds like a great painting! You should have bought it and displayed it next to your Shaun of the Dead poster. That would have been awesome!

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