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Heroes-Claire is just lovely today

Lightning is a pure expression.

For those that are wondering, I did not read anything today. I may start my next book after finishing this journal, but I have not yet read today. It was mostly because I didn't have time to start my next book on my lunch. Seriously, I think I took 17 minutes to eat and 45 seconds to pee and then I was back to work. Fun stuff.

In other news ... I got a little Christmas present from a certain iron_knife yesterday. I have 2 things to say about this. Maybe 3. We'll see about that last one.
1. I DID see Tron in the theaters.
2. Did I read that you (iron_knife) only got you're copy of Resident Evil: Extinction today? *evil grin* I got mine yesterday! Which was cool because I had all sorts of things to open when I got home from work!
3. Cole says "Thanks!" for his movie. (ooh! I did have a #3!)

Speaking of movies, we were talking about I am Legend at work and one of the girls was saying that she kept screaming in the theater. I was all, "Dude. Seriously? Cole watched that and he only startled once or twice." Come to think about it, I'm a bit surprised that the movie didn't scare him more.

I have Avatar to watch with Cole. Later.

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(Deleted comment)
Don't you know that Amazon loves me and sends me all my stuff before anyone else in the known universe? True story.

I did see Tron in the theaters.

I watches Re:Extinction last night. I liked it. I'm totally willing to watch it again. Word!

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