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Stock-Books-Stack of books


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Stock-Books-Stack of books

In the Munich circle?

Book #2 - I Am Legend by Richard Matheson - Umm ... I might get keel-hauled for this, but I liked the movie better. For one thing it wasn't set in the 70's. Seriously, it completely took me out of the story when Neville was listening to records and when he had to set up a projector to watch movies. I just kinda lost the thread. The other thing that bothered me was that I didn't know that the book I bought was the I am Legend story and a bunch of other short stories. I kept thinking that I had a ton of story left and suddenly *boom* it was over. The short stories? I've read better. I did enjoy reading about Neville's quest to figure out what this virus was but other than that ... the movie was better.

I'm so tired right now that my brain hurts.


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You are *cranking* through books in the new year. Go baby go!

(However I would like to point out that you need to find time in all this book-readn' to watch Cutting Class and report back. To the blab blog!)

Ha! I saw someone who read 443 books last year. That shames me. Deeply.

As for Cutting Class, I watched it on New Year's Day and it was GREAT!

Eggzellent. My evil plan is working.

How do you read 443 books in a year? That's more than one a day! Does this person not have a job? Or have one where they can read a book every day?

Yeah, I questioned how anyone could read that much but she has publishers who send her books to read and she interviews authors and such so I figure that it's her job. Lucky lady.

Wait. Now her 2007 total is up to 475. Maybe she counts in metric.
This is the specific post.

Well, not to diminish 475 at all, but it looks like quite a few are picture books and K-12 fiction, which generally are less than 400 pages a shot. I noticed that most of the books I read this year hovered around the 350-page mark. I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'....

Ahahahaha! Not that you're competitive. AT ALL! Wait! So am I. I was desperately trying to get ONE MORE BOOK READ in 2007 so that I could say that I read as many books as you did. *hangs head*

I am thrilled with the batch of books I have in my "to read" pile, btw. Excitement! Books! Yay!

You're so funny. I only felt competitive with the 100-book mark; I figured everything after than would be frosting on the shelf. So again, this year, I'm only shooting for the 100-book mark.

Which does not stop me at all from boggling at your speed-readin' skills.

"Maybe she counts in metric."

lol .. that's classic!

And if pop-up books were allowed, I would so rock a book reading competition.

Speaking of 70s era book, now I am flashing to the original Charleston Heston movie based on the same book where he popped out the film projector and started watching old footage.

Seriously! Her book total kept changing every time I looked at the post (and I looked at it several times since I was boggling over anybody reading that many books in a year) and it confused me. Metric confuses me, therefore she must be counting in metric.

Oh, man! When they started talking about records I was all "huh?". It really took me out of the moment.

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