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One Golden Broomstick for YOU!

I'm now forced to admit that I am the world's biggest dork. Well, maybe not the biggest because I think that honor goes to the tech guy I had to call for work one time who was resetting a password for one of my tellers and he made it "Gandalf". Yeah, we're not going to get into how dorky it makes me look because I not only knew who Gandalf was but I also figured out the password halfway into him spelling it at me.

But I digress.

Me=big dork.
Book #101 - If Wishes Were Horses by Anne McCaffrey - A very short little novel-ette (given the female version because obviously a little novel would be a girl) about a young girl growing into her psychic powers just as her father is called off to war. The title? Well, she wishes for a horse for her twin brother and ends up with an army of horses. Pretty cool.

AND ...

Book #102 - No One Noticed the Cat by Anne McCaffrey - Another novel-ette about a Regent who finds a way to guide his Prince-ling charge even after his death. I liked this one. Seriously, what's not to like about a wise, nearly psychic cat who helps the Prince make decisions and outwit a series of assassinations.

I also received a lovely little Amazon box from oddmonster with 2 books (I think I can read one of them tonight!) and the horror classic Cutting Class. Dude. Awe.some. I'm going to get right on that.

I want everyone to have a nice New Year's Eve and a really nice New Year's. I think tomorrow would be a good day to look back on the past year and see where my journaling has taken me. Of course, I reserve the right to return tonight if I do finish one of the books and can hit that coveted #103. Mwhahahahahaha!