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Professor of Smurfology ...

Obtainer of rare smurftiquities ...

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My reign of terror is just beginning!

Weeeeellllll. Here I am. With news of the "I've published a book" variety.

Yep, I've published a book. A BOOK. Paranormal romance with a dirty demon who falls for a damaged werewolf. I love these two like whoa and I'm SO DAMN CLOSE to finishing writing book 2 in this series. SO.DAMN.CLOSE.

You can find the details on my website (KellyApple.com), Amazon, or Goodreads.

Buuuut... here's the cover...

The sequel will be here soooooon. You know, as soon as I finish writing it and get it edited and all that stuff. =D

Stock-Books-Stack of books

Whoa. When did that happen?

I'm a wee bit excited. I'm gearing up to release my first book soon. I wish I had a hard date but I don't know how long the editing process will take and all that. So... I'm hoping to have it out in early September but I just don't know.

I also have to figure out if I have the skills to design my own cover or if I have to hire someone to do it for me. Which is a little terrifying. Little bit.


Stock-Blossoming Trees

Next up...

My sporadic Spring Break journal continues...

Day 3
(alternately, Day 5, if we're counting weekends)

Hailey and I watched Breaking Dawn parts 1 and 2 today. I will give Kristen Stewart mad props for allowing herself to look absolutely hideous at the end of part 1. I mean... O.O

That said, those movies move waaaaay too slow. At about the hour mark in part 2, I was ready for it to end.
Me: Is this movie over yet?
H: No.
Me: Why not?
H: Because they still have to fight.
Me: They could fight right now and get it over with. I wouldn't mind.
H: *starts playing with the dogs*
Me: If you're not going to watch it, I'm turning it off.
H: I'M WATCHING. This part is just a little boring.

I will, however, admit that despite its length issues, Breaking Dawn was WAY better than the first 2 movies (I haven't seen the 3rd yet, so I can't comment on that). Watching the first two makes me cringe. Not in a good way.

Okay. I'm off. I'm sure I have things to do now. I'm sure of it.
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Friday. Oh, Friday!

The kidlings are off school today and all next week. It's been FOUR HOURS since I woke up and the Nieceling is driving me BATTY. Naturally, I figured I'd keep a journal of this because nothing says family like being able to torture people with the truth when they're adults!

Day 1
(slightly frazzled - still maintaining an air of semi-competence. Maybe.)
(actually got dressed today. Which I don't get because I have no plans to leave the house.)

I have listened to nearly an hour and a half of Hailey recording herself doing mundane things around the house and playing it back to me at double speed and half speed. She either sounds like a mouse or a turtle depending on which speed she uses. This is amusing the first time. Not so much by the TENTH run-through.
These things include:

  1. Eating toast

  2. Walking the dogs and talking about poop. (dog poop, not human poop. Just so we're clear.)

  3. Eating the dog food I made the dogs. (she likes the rice and chicken in it. *shakes head*)

  4. Following me around the house and trying to get me to talk so that she can make me listen to myself. Which I don't want to do.

  5. Sneaking up behind me to try to get me on audio. A super stealthy spy she is not. Just sayin'.

I have many hours left in the day. We'll see how it goes.
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Stock-Books-Stack of books

C'mon brain!

Uggh. I'm grumpy or depressed or SOMETHING today and it's NO FUN. How do I attempt to combat this? I hole up in my room and pet my dogs. This works for a while but it's really just a patch job. And then I have to LEAVE my room to do things like pick my niece up from school and ... BLERG! It's all sunshine and fresh air.

Anyway. Since I had a book on hold at the library, I went to pick it up. Yay for books! Added bonus, joint review with oddmonster at some point in the future. Provided I can get myself all sorted out and not mopey. Because reading books when you're in a mood never bodes well for the book in question. At least that's how it works for me.

In story-landia, I am moving much more slowly on it than I was expecting to considering that I had the entire story mapped out in my head. C'mon brain. Work with me. Let's get that horny demon out of his magical prison and get to the good stuff! And by "horny demon" I mean both that he has horns and he has inappropriate thoughts about a certain girl hiding in the basement. Naughty demon!

I'm off to do stuff. In my dark room. *flounces off*

Stock-quote-Clowns will eat me

Blood in the water. Watch for sharks.

An idea for a short story popped fully formed into mah head so I'm, you know, writing it. And when I say "fully formed" I mean that EVERYTHING was there. Both the issue the two characters need to overcome and their way of overcoming it. Added plus, bonus bad guy is a dick and I kinda hate him. I think I shall enjoy killing him quite messily. Unless he survives to torment people later on. That dick.

Anyway. I've been writing today. Slowly. VERY slowly. But I've been writing.

In news of the non-killing variety, I've completed my 2013 Goodreads goal. ROCK ON, ME! I should probably up that number now, but I feel so damn accomplished that I don't think I will.

Enough of this non-killing stuff. I need to spill some blood!
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FF-Quote-The book of my life


In a fit of "OMFG! SHUT UP ABOUT THE POOR COUSIN WHO [airquote] FINALLY PROPOSED TO HIS GIRLFRIEND", I have abandoned my family for the dark cavern of my room. Except... I left the blinds and drapes open, so it's not so much a "dark cavern" as just my room.

In news that no one but me will find helpful, Scrivener is now open on my computer. I HAVE IDEAS, PEOPLE! And only three of them involve Snow Sharks. Oddly enough, several of those ideas involve a dark pit in the ground and some dirty, durty "we might die soon and should probably slake our unnatural passions before that happens" sexin'.

You're welcome, world.

Btw, I'm totally going to kill my 2013 Goodreads reading challenge goal this week. You saw it here first! Or possibly second if you caught that tweet that I tweeted this past week.

Yeah. I'm going to go browbeat some chocolate into my belly.

Stock-Books-Stack of books


If I were a mad scientist, I think today's journal entry would go something like this...

Day #91 of earworming Semi-Charmed Life by Third Eye Blind. I must confess that if the resurrection formula isn't perfected soon, I'll take my chances with coming back wrong just to get it out of my head. My hatred of this song grows with every passing day. HOLY HANNAH, MAKE IT STOP!

-Lady Mad Scientist Chick

In other news, Goodreads was down for a couple hours because of an earthquake. That's the word on the street, at least. After a morning of doing nothing (because apparently I can't concentrate when I can't randomly hop over to GR to see what book I want to read next)... no, that was the whole thought. After a morning of doing nothing, I did even more nothing. RIGHT!

I should probably attempt to be productive. Maybe.

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You know when you have that moment where you're all... "Hey! I have a journal and I could totally post in it!" and then you go look at that journal and your next thought is... "Whoa. November of 2011. I remember you. Sort of."? Yeah. I had that today. Which isn't to say that I *forgot* I had a journal. I just forgot how much I liked posting random shit in it.

*rolls around a bit in the random*

Right. So, I write a couple of reviews a day for Reading the Paranormal and I've cracked open Scrivener to begin working on part 2 of my zombie masterpiece. Clearly that means I have time to start blogging again here. Right? RIGHT???

Yeah. I'm an overachiever. I'm cool with that.


Dude, she's a badass!

Oh, journal! What a long, strange couple of months it's been. I almost don't even know where to start.

Since it's November, I'm participating in NaNoWriMo as I do every year. I've written close to 60K words on an Epic Zombie Masterpiece that is currently lacking zombies. I nearly gave myself a week long heart attack when my computer caught a nasty virus about a week and a half ago and I had to reformat the hard drive. Normally, this wouldn't be an issue since I keep all the important stuff on my external hard drive. However, this virus snuck in and hid all my external hard drive files.

I went from being at 32K words on my NaNo story to...OMG!WHERE'D IT GO? over the course of one agonizing night. I persevered and kept writing, despite not knowing what was going to happen with the first half of my novel or even if I'd be able to retrieve it. Fortunately, I have an awesome cousin who popped over one night and found all the files and fixed them up for me right good.

This was just about the most fantastic thing ever and I'm so thrilled to say that everything has now been recovered and backed up in triplicate. Also, I have so kicked NaNo's ass this year.

I've been very neglectful of all my online sites lately as I attempted to get things up and running, blah, blah, blah. However, Twitter and I have become extremely close and I'm turning into an insane tweeter. INSANE.

I won't be such a stranger in the future. I promise. I think.

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